Thursday, 21 September 2017

Local History Project - A Victorian Asylum

For the past few months, we have been visiting a library in the city centre and looking at wonderful things in the Archives section.  Little Miss has been very interested in learning about asylums because we live quite close to a very intriguing building that we believe might have been one in days gone by.

She put together a lapbook with some help from me.  The yellow file folders in the photo below were assembled in July.  The blue file folder we assembled this week and she did some writing and a couple of drawings.  Today when we were at the library we attached the blue folder to the yellow ones and while there, she drew a comic strip and we attached that to the folders.

When I put the project up to see how it looks (and how long it is!) someone came along who was wandering around the library and he stood and really looked at her project.  I explained to him that this project was eventually going to be on display at the library.

She wanted to show in this comic that women are just as good as men (this was not the belief in Victorian times).

Looking at the project in this photo, it looks like the project is finished unless we can find another way to add an extra flap in the front.  Now the next stage will be making a 3D item that can also go along with the display.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Happy New (school) Year!

Today was back to school for many people and for the rest it will be tomorrow. We had a not back to school day photo and it was also a not starting secondary school photo.

We are now implementing more structure because eventually we will be getting ready for exams. Today we did Maths, History, English Language, and German.

Next week we have Project Club so I wanted to make sure that the project work was all finished. She needs to do her speech notes now.

We did Hands of a Child's World War I  project pack which is in the form of a lapbook. We started it last year and never finished the activities in it. Today she finished those off and now needs to write in her own words about WWI.

We spent four and a half hours doing work today and we have one more thing to do... We are going to bake Irish Soda Bread and that is our Food Tech lesson.

Happy New (school) Year Everyone!