Friday, 10 June 2016

Songs About The Beach

Music is an important tool for learning. We often sing songs to babies and toddlers to teach them concepts such as colours, and counting. Singing songs is also a good way to boost memory and coordination.

Today I am going to share some songs about the beach. The first song is called To The Beach and it is sung to the tune London Bridge.

To The Beach Original Author Unknown

Sung to: "London Bridge"

We are going to the beach,
to the Beach, to the beach,
We are going to the beach,
in our bathing suits.
We will find there rocks and shells,
Rocks and shells, Rocks and Shells.
We will find there rocks and shells,
to gather by the water.
We will build a sand castle,
Sand castle, sand castle,
we will build a sand castle,
with bridges and a tower.
We will have a picnic too,
picnic too, picnic too,
We will have a picnic too,
With Sandwiches and oranges.
Home we head with Sunburned Cheeks,
Sunburned Cheeks, Sunburned Cheeks,
Home we head with sunburned Cheeks,
and treasures from our visit.

In case you don't know the tune, here is a YouTube video to help you.

The second song is called Let's Go to The Beach and is sung to the tune A Hunting We Will Go.

Let's go to the Beach Original Author Unknown

Sung to: "A Hunting We Will Go"
Let's go to the beach
To swim and play and run.
Building castles in the sand
Is ever so much fun.

We'll fix a picnic lunch
And eat it when we like.
And when we all are nice and full
We'll take a nature hike.

Be sure to wear your suit
And bring along your float.
We'll ride so far out in the surf
Pretending it's a boat.

We'll find some pretty shells
And throw the gulls some bread.
Put on a lot of suntan oil
So that we don't turn red.

We'll never want to leave.
Such fun this all has been.
But we'll come back another day
And do it all again!

Here is a YouTube video for the tune in case you don't know it.

Sea Gull Original Author Unknown

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

I see sea gulls
I see sea gulls,
At the beach,
At the beach,

Soaring, diving, fishing,
Soaring, diving, fishing,
At the beach,
At the beach.

Other verses:
I hear the ocean,
I hear the ocean,
At the beach,
At the beach,

Crashing, splashing, foaming
Crashing, splashing, foaming,
At the beach,
At the beach.

This song is a bit of fun and it has the lyrics for you. It's called I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside . Watch the video and sing along :-)

Clover and Nemo beside the seaside 

Here is another fun song about Living Under The Sea and it is about different sea creatures that live under the sea.

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