Friday, 10 June 2016

Catch Up Post!

I decided that I wanted to blog more often and I also happened to do a search on Facebook for Unit Study groups.  I found a blogging group where everyone blogs to contribute to a unit study.

I have been blogging for that and not really about what we have been doing.  I also started a new blogging venture called Home Educated Not Invisible because I was tired of reading the articles in the news where home educated children were referred to as 'invisible' because they aren't seen by Local Authority 'professionals'.

To bring you up to speed, L is now finished college.  She finished her second year of college a year early.  This would not have been possible if she had remained in school for her entire education career.  She would only be finishing her FIRST year of college right now!

A family friend is finishing his second year of college TWO YEARS early and again this is because of home education.  If he had been in school the entire time, he would just be finishing his GCSE exams!  He is finishing up his second year of A Levels and has offers for university in September.  He's only 16 (in case that wasn't clear)!

M is continuing on the path of home education and has decided that she wants to take Art at college.  She goes to a local music school, Drama Group, Science Club, and History/Geography Club.  She really enjoys her music school and is disappointed when it's closed for school holidays.  All of the children in her class at the music school are home educated.  
Here are the experiments that we have done for Science Club:
 Mentos and Cola, dancing raisins (raisins in fizzy water and comparing the reaction to raisins in still water),  Lava lamp (water, oil, food colouring, denture tablets that fizz), Sound - how size affects sound - musical instruments, making straw reeds, how yeast works (inflating a balloon with yeast), Skeleton,  how fish breathe, sound and resonant frequency (making a wine glass sing) and we watched a video on shattering a wine glass with sound,  pressure and closed system.  We used a rubber glove and a jar.

For History and Geography Club, we did Egypt, Amazon Rainforest, William the Conqueror (Battle of Hastings and Battle of Stamford Bridge), Italy, Mary Cassatt - artist from the Impressionist circle, and Japan.

History and Geography Club and Science Club met every month and so we were quite busy trying to get ready for them.  We had two Science Clubs (due to such a high level of interest) and so we did our Science experiments for two different groups of families.

I also ran a weekly Music Group and our end goal was to get a concert programme ready to perform at a local care home.  It gave the children a chance to perform, it was a free concert venue, the children are learning the value of volunteering, and the residents love to have our group visit them!

We are also moving through our Charlotte Mason Method Curriculum and enjoying some of the stories that we are reading. 

What have you been doing?  Please feel free to share :-)