Friday, 13 May 2016

Frogs of the Rainforest

We recently did a Geography project on the Amazon Rainforest for our local History/Geography Group. We started out with a lapbook that we bought from homeschool bits on Currclick (not an affiliate link). We read all about the different layers and learned about what the climate is like. We also learned about deforestation.

We made a diorama of the Amazon Rainforest that I found here from Confessions of a Homeschooler. It is a very effective way of showing the four layers of the rainforest. Here is our diorama (complete with a Barbie researcher hanging from the vines):

We decided to delve further into the rainforest by turning this into a complete topic by looking at how other subjects can be covered by on this topic. Today I am going to share some resources on the different varieties of frogs that live in Rainforests.

Here is a nice post about some Amazon Rainforest frogs and there is a photo of each frog listed along with some information about them in bullet point form: Amazon Rainforest frogs

The Amazon Horned Frog is rather interesting because the female is larger than the male and they are very aggressive and territorial. The villagers who live in the area have to wear high leather boots to protect themselves! The tadpoles are aggressive from birth and fight each other in the water. has some great facts about the Amazon Horned Frog.

We were at our local vivarium and saw some of the poison dart frogs that they have there. There are at over 200 species of poison dart frogs or poison arrow frogs. Their name comes from the toxic secretions they ooze through their skin. Indigenous tribes have been known to coat the tips of their hunting darts with the poison from them. Poison frogs are poisonous because of the spiders, beetles, ants, centipedes, termites and other insects that make up their diet. If these frogs are in captivity and fed a different diet, they are not poisonous.

Here is a really nice webpage that you can look at for some of the species of poison dart frogs.

I thought this video of the top 12 weirdest frogs was also interesting to look at. I think they started out doing a top 10 and then found two more that they liked :-)

If you have always wanted to learn how to draw a tree frog, here is the perfect video tutorial for you!

Grandma got in on the action and designed and printed some tree frogs with her 3D printer. They are actually Christmas tree ornaments (hence the ribbons around their necks):

This is part of the Unit Study Roundup and this week's topic is Frogs.

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