Thursday, 7 April 2016

Unit Study Roundup

I have recently joined a new group on Facebook and it is a group for bloggers who combine efforts to create a unit study. The group admins choose a topic, the bloggers sign up to write post on the topic. We all need to choose a different aspect of the topic.

Last week's topic was Poetry and there were posts on using poetry as copywork (handwriting practice), different books on poetry, worksheets, and more.

This week, the topic is Maps and so I have written a post on making a salt dough map. I still have a bit of work to do on my post because we need to paint the salt dough map and then post a photo to the page.

I needed to add everyone else's blog links to my post (16 other links!) and I needed to add a collage of all of the different images that the other bloggers made.

I am on a steep learning curve but I am looking forward to this blogging opportunity. I won't sign up for every topic but this new group gives me ideas for blogging about home education.

The blog posts are all set to go live at 08:00 Central Time. I hope that I've done things correctly with regard to scheduling my post to go live :-)