Friday, 15 April 2016

Tin Can Pencil Holder

The theme for this week's Unit Study is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. My DD has just got her first desk and chair for her bedroom. She is really happy about it.

She loves to draw and uses lots and lots of pencils. I thought that a nice little craft for her to do is to make and decorate her own pencil holder for her desk.

For this craft we used:

A clean tin can
Wrapping paper - either brown parcel paper or gift paper OR construction paper
Tape - we used clear parcel tape

I had to go and fish rescue remove an empty tin can from the recycling bin outside. We cleaned the can and made sure that it was clean and dry.

To be extra careful, I washed the can again and put it on our radiator to dry. I realised that I forgot to take off the label so I had to wash the can again! You can use any size can that you have.

My DD really likes Frozen so we used some Frozen Christmas wrapping paper. Please note this has the Disney copyright symbol on it and no copyright infringement is intended.

After the can was clean and dry, we covered the sharp edge with at least three layers of tape and wrapped the paper over the sharp edge. The sharp edge wasn't sharp because of the can opener that we have. My DD decorated the wrapping paper with little red hearts.

This is the finished product on her desk and it is sitting under the watchful eye of Rachel and Randall. :-)

Making this craft did two things, it saved something from possibly going to the landfill and it showed my DD how to repurpose something that would be considered trash or rubbish. We have four bins outside for collecting different types of waste. Two bins are for recycling things like tins, bottles, jars, paper, and cardboard. We have another bin for yard or garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, hedge clippings, and kitchen food waste. The fourth bin is for everything else that isn't recyclable.

We also did a lapbook on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I bought the PDF file for this from Knowledge Box Central on Currclick. It was on sale when I bought it.

This blog post is part of the Unit Study Roundup and the topic this time is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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