Thursday, 28 April 2016

Star Wars Unit Study Roundup

May the 4th is Star Wars Day. The bloggers at Unit Study Roundup did their posts to make a Star Wars Unit Study. I decided to do a blog post to promote the unit study even though I did not do a post for this topic. I really hope that you enjoy the unit study. We are going to go through and try some of these fun ideas :-)

Here are the links:

Star Wars Letter Find Pack from 3 Boys and a Dog

Star Wars Craft Ideas from Schooling a Monkey

Books about Outer Space from The Jenny Evolution

Star Wars Activity Books from Brain Power Boy

Let Your Space Ship Take Flight from Playground Parkbench

Light Saber Spelling from Parenting Chaos

Light Saber Color Matching from CraftCreateCalm

Star Wars Travel in National Parks and World Heritage Sites from FrogMom

Star Wars Count and Clip Cards from Raising Little Superheroes

Kids in the Kitchen: Make Star Wars Themed Jigglers from Crafty Mama in ME