Saturday, 2 May 2015

Making Music

Our family is a musical family in that we all play an instrument and in some cases more than one.

We play guitar, recorder, piano, percussion (too many to name), trombone, baritone and flute.  We have also had a couple of violinists who stopped playing.

I enjoy making music and sometimes I find it frustrating. I have recently had to take an enforced break from wind and brass and it is hard to get back into it again. My embouchure is weak because of the break.  Practice and discipline are key to making progress in your instrument.

How do you do it when you have lost your routine? We have two people getting ready for exams (recorder, a theory exam and a music theatre exam). 

I have never done an exam but I have played and sung competitively when I was younger. I now fall to pieces at the thought of playing a solo. I am not practising as much now as when I was in my teens that is the reason for my nerves.

I would love to hear from other musicians about your routines and how much playing and practice you do each week.

Until next time...