Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Fun

We have been enjoying the summer sun and having some fun. We have gone to park meets with other home educators in the area and we even went to a National Trust property. We went to Dunham Massey and really enjoyed ourselves. We had a lovely picnic with some friends and we found nature's climbing frames to play on (fallen trees). We have done butterfly counting, had a birthday party, gone swimming at the local pool and went to some museums.

This year I ran two local groups one for people interested in doing lapbooks and a music group. In the music group we learned the recorder (and can play five notes now!) and guitar. M is going to go to a local recorder college in September and L will continue with the local youth brass band. The two local groups will start back up in September.

Here is a list from another home educator of summer fun ideas. Enjoy!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sadly Neglected Blog

I have been neglecting this blog because I have been very busy with both of my daughters' education.

This year is an important year for L with all of her exams that she is doing and so I have been driving her to and from school each day. I've been supporting her with her exam revision and making sure that she gets to the right activity on the right day for the right time.

I've also been supporting another young person with an IGCSE that they are working on in addition to attending school full time. It's very intense!

M has moved on from the Solar System and now we are studying Oceans. We did a lapbook from In the Hands of a Child called Under The Sea. It's a multi-level/age/ability project pack. It is for Grades K to 2 (K = Kindergarten or Year 1 [5 years turning 6] and Grade 2 is Year 3 [7 turning 8]. It covers the types of sea creatures, the four oceans and acknowledges that some people consider there to be five oceans [Southern Ocean is not classed as an ocean by some scientists/oceanographers].

We are studying another type of ocean unit study by Simple Schooling called Let's Learn About Oceans which is a unit study that I found on Currclick. It is for multiple ages and has 19 units which have reinforcement activities for reading comprehension. We will move on to In the Hands of a Child's Ocean Habitats project pack. I think Under The Sea gives a good starting point to studying about the oceans and the next one takes it farther.

We are enjoying the sunshine and going out to play while the school day is on.

We attend music group and lapbook group each week and it's really nice to have those activities.

Until next time :-)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Solar System Lapbooks

This term we are working our way through the Solar System at the lapbook group I run. We have a few new people coming this term which is nice for us. We are working our way through 15 lapbooks starting with the Sun and working our way to Pluto and other dwarf planets. It's a short and sweet entry today. :-)