Friday, 20 December 2013

Lapbooking, GCSEs and College Places

This school year I am running a weekly lapbooking group for M and other children around her age. The group is free because I found a free venue and the parents stay with their children and work with them. It makes it a learning experience for the family.

This term we covered the human body and did 11 lapbooks on various parts of the body. The final lapbook we did at home which was on the body systems. I thought it would take longer to do than the others as there was more cutting out to do and writing.

We worked our way through this bundle: Human Body Bundle by homeschool bits.

We did them in this order:

Human Body: Skeleton

Human Body: Joints

Human Body: Muscles

Human Body: Brain

Human Body: Heart

Human Body: Lungs

Human Body: Senses

Human Body: Stomach

Human Body: Intestines

Human Body: Cells

Human Body: Body Systems

In January we will be working on the Solar System Bundle which has 15 lapbooks in it.

We have not been using Easy Peasy very much as M's preferred way of learning is with lapbooks. Even when M isn't at lapbooking group, she still does lapbooks at home.

L is now working on more GCSEs and is at school finishing the last few off. She has three offers for college places next September. She chose this particular school and the staff there have been enthusiastic about working with three formerly home educated teens. She and two of her friends started there in September. They said that these three really want to learn and it is nice to work with people who have such a positive attitude to learning.

Today is the last day of term for the schools but we all know that learning never stops.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Blessed Yule (whichever you celebrate) and all the best for 2014.