Thursday, 18 July 2013

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy

We started working through the Easy Peasy All-in-One-Homeschool curriculum which can be found here. It is a 180 day curriculum that has subjects laid out in a nice format.

We are working on Year 1 which is a programme of study for History, Science, Music, Art, PE and Health along with the main level which has English (which includes reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, speech and speaking and grammar), Math, Thinking/Logic and Computer.

I do find that some of the History and Science is a bit advanced because it is meant to be covered with multiple grade levels (1st Grade to 4th Grade) but as I am working 1:1 with M it just means that I have to explain things when she doesn't understand them.

Yesterday we did a reading test and M who is not yet 7 has a reading age of 12 (Grade 7 or Year 8)! I find that fascinating. I looked at the list of high frequency words that children in British schools are expected to use and know by the end of Year 5 (age 10 or Grade 4) and she knew those words at the age of 4. Her reading age has come up two full years this year.

Given that this curriculum is more advanced than what they are doing in schools, I think her reading age will come up again by the end of this 180 days (however long it takes to complete the 180 days).

We have finished all of our lessons for the day and we are off out to the playground just because we can. Enjoy your day!