Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Easy Peasy is Easy Peasy for the Parents

M has been working through an online curriculum called Easy Peasy All in one Homeschool. I like how everything is planned out day by day and we just go to the computer and look at what the day's subjects and tasks are.

The curriculum is set out with the subjects divided into two sections on the website. First you work on a 'level' (not a grade or school year but level). In the level, you have English, Math, Computer and Logic (Thinking). English is divided into Reading, Spelling, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, and finally, Speech and Speaking.

The second component of the curriculum is the program year. There are four years (three of which are complete) and in those years you have History, Science, Music, Art and PE. A daily Bible passage is also included in the year program. The program year is meant to be used to teach multiple grade levels/ages together. The program year has two levels in it, Level L which is for elementary (Grades 1-4 or Years 2-5 in the British system) and Level M which is for Grades 5-8 or Years 6-9).

As the program year is intended to be used with multiple levels and ages there are times when it is too advanced for M and if I had a child in the Grade 4 age bracket there might be times where it would not be advanced enough. I am not particularly worried because I can either explain it to her, or we can skip over it because I know it will be covered again if we are working at the upper level in a few years from now.

Easy Peasy is easy for the parents because all of the planning is done and it's very easy to access everything, and at the same time it challenges the children and is fun for them.