Monday, 1 April 2013

Useful Skills

Part of education is learning useful skills that will help you later in life or in the present. M now has her own email address and she sent her first email. Unfortunately my own email provider put her message in spam. The reason was because it was a very short email message. I hit 'reply all' and removed her name from the list and sent a quick message to everyone informing them that M has a new email address and that in my case it went to spam.

She didn't really know what to say in her email message so we kept it very short. She and I typed her message together. She is not used to using a keyboard. For now only our family members will have her email address as I feel that is safest for her.

TBG (The Big Guy aka the girls' dad and my husband) asked me when she will be checking her email. I explained that I would check it for her and let her know when she has a message. He thought that was sensible because she is very young.

She will learn more about sentence structure by using email, the rules of writing an email and of course it might spark her to learn to type in German as well as in English! TBG's family are all German speakers.

L has told me that she will give me a site that we can use to help M learn how to type. First I will just let her get used to the fact that the keys on the keyboard are not in alphabetical order before we start with learning home row typing. She uses one finger right now and that's fine by me.

I hope that those of you who celebrate Easter enjoyed your weekend and celebrations. I was very blessed this Easter.