Monday, 18 March 2013

A* on the mock

Today L did a mock exam in IGCSE English and she got an A*, which is said A star and is a bit like our A+ in North America. A* covers the range from B+ to A+ in North American grades. This is the highest grade you can get in the UK! I will keep giving her mock exams to over the course of the next few week; today it hit me that are only six school weeks until her exam! She has two exams one right after the other that week. She has a bit of a break before her IGCSE History which consists of THREE papers. She chose her exams and the syllabus that she wanted to work to and I teach her from that.

M and I played a cute little St Patrick's Day themed Math game which involved rolling a die and moving a 'man' to a clover. She had to add the number on the clover to the number on the die. The same game can be played with multiplication. The highest number is 12 on the game which of course means the highest possible answer is 72 for multiplication and 18 for addition. Perhaps we can add more dice to the game to make it more interesting or challenging for the addition or multiplication!

Onwards and ever upwards. I am much more confident that we will get through this exam process and breathe a huge sigh of relief at the other end.

As Easter is around the corner, I will say have a Hoppy Easter to you now :D