Thursday, 21 February 2013

One-to-One is Working Well

I am finding that my one-to-one system of teaching is working much better than the three of us sitting at the table working together but each girl working on their own lessons. I am very structured in my approach with the girls and at the same time I follow their lead. The exams we are working toward are all of L's choices. She chose the specification, she chose the exam board and she has chosen the topics she has been and will continue studying.

M also has choice in what she does for lessons. At her age and level, we work on unit studies or topics and then throw some Math and Language Arts worksheets for good measure. I suggest topics to her and she decides whether she wants to learn about them or not. She has a very busy social life too and yesterday she had three friends around for a visit. This is a weekly or fortnightly occurrence which is good for her.

After the exams in May/June are finished, we will crack on with the next syllabus in the hopes of her being ready for that exam in November. She is hoping to do five exams during the next school year. She is really excited about the possibility of being finished her qualifications a year ahead of her schooled peers as she would like to attend college a year early.

If you are looking at going down the exam route for your child I do not recommend getting ready for two essay exams at the same time! It is very intense. It is a lot of content to remember and study. Thankfully there are gaps of a week to ten days in between each of her essay papers!