Monday, 4 February 2013

Coming Up For Air

If anyone who is homeschooling or home educating is preparing someone for the GCSE exams they know that it is quite an intense process. I foolishly believed people who said that it is possible to get someone prepared for an exam in four to six weeks. I thought it would be very easy to do. We do have a lot of information to cover for one of the exams which has three different papers done at three different time slots for a total of nearly five hours. The other exam she is working toward is a three hour exam paper! I have been told that is quite a lot for GCSE level.

GCSEs are two academic years of work and material that has to be covered before the exam. If you are working toward one or two two exams, that it might be possible to cover the material in a year but I do not believe it is possible to get ready for the exams in less than six weeks! Again this might be down to the exams that we are preparing for and might not be typical of all other exams.

We are covering a lot of material for the exams that L is getting ready for and it involves very intense blocks of study time. She even has homework to do in between sessions! That is something she hasn't had for a long time; it is necessary because we are working to a strict deadline now. Before we could take our time and work through things, however, with the exam dates set we are deadline oriented. She also has to write because the two exams she is writing are essay style exams. She needs to get used to writing her thoughts out rather than only discussing them.

M is still working without a concept of deadlines or terms or school holidays. I think that there are opportunities for learning all around and at her age she does not need the confines of term dates and breaks.

I still use themes and topics to direct her learning as I find that a much more interesting way of doing things rather than dividing things out by 'subject'. A band mate of mine told me that is how she is required to teach at the school she works at. The only thing she adds is some Math worksheets for the children because it is a bit more difficult to creatively incorporate Math into a topic. If M were in school, she would be in the same year that my band mate teaches.

I have a lot of other things to get done, so I don't think I will be posting with much regularity.

Until next time...