Saturday, 23 February 2013

Change is in the Air

There are going to be some slight changes to our routine, however, we are still going to carry on with our homeschooling as it stands.

One of the changes is that I am going to be helping another family who has a struggle with English. They are getting one of their children ready for the English exam and they are having some problems. So I will teach both their son and my daughter the English syllabus. Some families buy courses for their exams and that is definitely the easier route - you know exactly what you need to do and get feedback from the tutors who mark the assignments.

I opted not to go that route for our exams that we are getting ready for because we are enjoying sitting down together and studying the material together.

I also will be starting a job. For the past 14 years I have been self-employed and now I am going to be starting a job where I am actually an employee! That is the other change to our routine. I will be working a few hours a week for a small business that is branching out internationally. I will go to their office to work. Childcare won't be an issue because they know that I homeschool and they are very flexible and we can work around it.

I am also looking forward to another opportunity which I consider to be some professional development for me. This is not based in the UK despite I will be working in the UK. Again, they know that I homeschool and there is going to be flexibility.

You might notice that I am using the term homeschooling rather than the term home educating and that is simply because I am returning to my roots and using the terms that are natural for me to use. It's a bit like referring to chips as fries and crisps as chips or calling a boot the trunk. I prefer to call it homeschooling and always have :-)