Sunday, 6 January 2013

That Safe Place...

I am sure everyone has a 'safe place', you know the one I mean, it's that 'safe place' that you use to keep an item or paper safe so that you won't lose it.

It usually ends up being so safe that you can't even find it despite your best efforts. I filed some papers, and yes I really did file some papers, back in September. They were nicely organised in a file folder and the file folder was in plain sight. It was too obvious and I didn't see it.

I didn't remember filing these papers and so I ripped my office apart several times over looking for these papers. I checked everywhere except for that file folder! I checked file folders that were not even related to the topic of education!

The papers I was looking for were the charts that I use for keeping track of what I do each day with the girls. Not only had a 'lost' the logs I had filled in, I 'lost' the blank logs that I printed off because of course I was being efficient and wanted my year's worth of logs printed off so that I simply had to fill them in.

I 'lost' the first batch of papers and the blank ones, so I printed off logs for another two months and filled those in. I filed those elsewhere because I wasn't going to make that mistake twice!

Then I couldn't find those logs, so I printed off yet more and filled them in. This was ridiculous! I had to find those logs. I knew I had them, I knew they were somewhere but they were not in plain sight in the way I expected them to be. They were not filed where I expected them to be. I searched everywhere and finally I picked up what I thought was a lapbook file folder and there is where I had filed the blank logs, all the completed logs up until June 2012 and a study programme I was going to do with the girls.

I looked in another file folder that has curriculum that I printed off for M and found the other logs that I was missing. I am very relieved because I now have all of our logs from January 2012 to January 2013 in once place!

On Thursday, L and I sat down and mapped out her English IGCSE programme, she has an exam in May. We also mapped out her IGCSE History at the same time. Friday we sat together and finished off the outstanding chapter in her textbook and she showed me her project in The Great Depression and New Deal. She has a bit more left to do on that and then she has the task of assembling it.

Friday I looked at the History syllabus once more and realised that I had made a mistake with the amount of time we need to spend on a topic. I also discovered that I left out a week when we were writing out our time map. That extra week makes a huge difference when you are down to the wire.

We will go through the entire syllabus this term and finish it by the end of March and that will leave us a few weeks to review everything and get her ready for her exams.

Tonight I introduced M to stencils and she loved tracing the stencil letters. Maybe one day we will finish that Mr Men Show lapbook we started. The challenge for me is that she keeps drawing more characters to add into the lapbook. We need to glue them in and then she is going to tell me the story and I will transcribe it for her into the lapbook. We have other lapbooks to work on too and some unit studies.

I started a new system, the girls get one to one time with me at my desk as that seems to be a better place for us to work rather than at the kitchen table. I have two office chairs at my desk. It also means quick and easy access to the computer if we need to look anything up or print something off. They get one to one attention at my desk therefore they accomplish a lot in a short time.

I think I will set up a notebook and write down where I put things but I might put my notebook in 'that safe place'...