Sunday, 2 December 2012

December? Already?

I can't believe that Christmas is nearly here. Today is the 2nd of December and we have been flat out busy with bugs and studies!

L is progressing through her IGCSEs that she is working on and M is making progress in her writing skills.

She has finished a lapbook on Madeline which is a cute story of 12 girls who live in house covered with vines and do everything in two straight lines. The story takes place in Paris and involves an emergency trip to the hospital. We will start Christmas themed unit studies now as we are into December.

L is in two plays this month and has lots of lines to memorise. We are also going through practice papers for her exams as taking exams is a skill that needs to be learned. We are working our way through various levels of exams so that she can do the higher tier exams confidently and competently.

Today has been a very busy day on our social calendar and whoever thinks that children who don't attend school don't have a social life needs some correction of their faulty perspective.

Next time I might have some photos of some Christmas crafts to put up here, so as they say "Watch this space!"