Thursday, 18 October 2012

National Schools Film Week and Dyson

This week the girls and I have been going to our local Cineworld to see some free films that were arranged by a charity called Film Education and here is a link to their site: National Schools Film Week. It is a fantastic opportunity for children who are educated at school or at home to see a film in the cinema.

We went to three different screenings this week, we saw Brave, A Monster in Paris, and Hugo. L really wanted to see Hugo and she got to see the whole film. M made it through about 30 minutes of it and she and I left. What I saw of it, I really enjoyed and I actually want to watch the whole thing.

On the website, Film Education has some resources to use for films and so we are going to do Brave and A Monster in Paris. I notice that they have resources for many of M's favourite films so I think we will be doing a lot of film studies. They have ideas for many curriculum subjects which I think is nice because it means that we can look at the different topics and subjects that are presented.

I made a request in passing to a staff member about turning down the volume and they honoured my request. She could only promise that they would try and could not make any guarantees but it was a much more pleasant volume. I have sent a thank you in writing to them so that they know I appreciated it.

Last week I applied to James Dyson Foundation for a physical loan of their engineering box which contains a vacuum cleaner that students have the opportunity to build. It sounds like fun and I have taken vacuum cleaners apart before so I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do as an extra activity. I got an email today from them telling me that we will be getting our box in January 2013. I think the girls' Dad will be very impressed. When I mentioned to him that Dyson does this he thought it was a fantastic opportunity.

I have a lot to look forward to, I think!