Monday, 22 October 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Today we got back into the swing of things and our extended break is over. Last week we eased back into some structure by taking advantage of the National Schools Film Week and we saw three films. This was thanks to H who is another home educator in our town. She and her daughter invited us to come along to the films.

Today we got up and M did a whole lot of Maths she did a worksheet and some pages in a workbook. We will start back with the Ray's Arithmetic or Jones Brothers Arithmetic soon enough, but it's a bit of fun to use the worksheets as a nice change. She uses an abacus to figure out her answers. Today she had to figure out if the answer given was correct or incorrect and mark it accordingly.

L continued to work on her Cold War unit study and did some work in her English textbook.

While the girls were doing their work, we were also doing composer study and listening to Debussy who is our composer we are listening to this term.

We have our teamwork tasks to do and that is our day finished!