Monday, 15 October 2012

Apples and Films and Museums Oh My!

We have been carrying on with our studies and decided to take a couple of weeks off for a bit of a break. We started while the summer holidays were still on and so felt that after eight weeks back to the grindstone, we earned a well deserved rest.

Last week we went on a day trip to London because some friends of mine were visiting the UK and we had not seen each other in 14 years! We took the train down and wandered around the Museum of London with them and then came back home again.

Last week was a busy week for me even though the girls had a break from their studies. This week we are taking advantage of the National Schools Film Week and are going to see some films with another local home educating family. They invited us along for the films.

I can't remember which films I agreed to go and see but I think that makes it more interesting, it's a surprise all around; they are aimed at primary school children, I remember that much. If M doesn't like it, I will take her out of the cinema and wait.

Today L finished up a unit study she was doing on the Cold War and M did a lapbook on apples. Did you know the study of the growth of apples is called pomology? I am sure you will sleep better just for knowing that!

L will start working from the IGCSE textbooks on the Cold War, I thought that the unit study was great to give an overview of it as it is for high school level. We have another one that we will do on the Great Depression and then we need to probably make our own up on the Roaring Twenties and Race Relations in America. I find it interesting that she has chosen all the American topics to work on where she had the the choice out of 12 different topics. The Cold War is compulsory and covers four topics of the seven in the exam.

In home ed drama L is working on a Shakespeare play for the end of the term. M is enjoying her usual social activities which are basically play dates and tends to prefer one to one with other children.

I still need to take our visiting flat traveller to the Hat Museum and then I can send him back to Cornwall. He went with us to London and met my friends and went around Museum of London with us. A museum in London that L really wants to go to is the British History Museum and one of these days I will get us there but next time by slow bus just for something different. We will see more of the country travelling for five hours on a bus.