Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Not Back To School

We have been busily working on various educational things these past few weeks, but yesterday we took advantage of a day away. We went by train to Huddersfield which is not too far from where we live.

The home educators there were having a 'Not Back To School Picnic' at Greenhead Park so we went and had a great social time. I met a couple of my 'Facebook Friends' in person and that was very nice. I also met new families who were just starting out with home educating their children.

It was a lovely train ride, a lovely day out and about and it was also a day of fantastic company. I really like Huddersfield and think I may go back there again and explore. Greenhead Park is beautiful and I like the character of Huddersfield, well, the bit of it that I saw anyway :-)

Next week L will be starting back to her drama group and I will be taking M out and exploring the environs rather than staying. Some weeks we will stay and chat with the other mums but right now it is warm-ish so we can go and wander around outside.

Hopefully there won't be any liquid sunshine, as they call it in Leek, on those days.