Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This weekend we did what any self-respecting ex pats do, we celebrated our own country's national holiday!

I made a cake with the flag on it and took lots of pictures. We are now gearing up for and have entered summer holidays. This means no 'formal' lessons but of course educational stuff is still happening.

L is going away in 36 hours time and she will be taking her IGCSE textbooks with her 'in case she's bored'. How can that be? As I don't want to dissuade her enthusiasm for studying, I told her just to take two textbooks and not all ten of them!

We had our list trip to drama on Friday, on Monday I organised bowling and that was it. Now I can relax away from the busy-ness of home education activities and have a much needed break from things.

I have also been working on a MAJOR project and on Friday night I stayed up the entire night to finish it. That didn't happen but I did finally manage to finish it Saturday evening.

Today I practised flute and will practise again tomorrow. I also need to practise the trombone for band practice. We have a gig on the 14th in a town not too far away from me.

M and I will do some fun things over the next few weeks and one of the things we will do is a trip to our local museum. She likes to go there and have tea with Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. We will take photos and then get ready to send our current visiting flat traveller back to Arkansas and then I won't do any flat traveller exchanges until September. I have to update that blog too.

My name's not Kirk but I'm going to sign off with Kirk over and out.