Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Celebration Fit For a Queen

Our journey with education has taken lots of twists and turns. The plans we had set out to do have all been scrapped and we are now on a completely different path.

This path is not without its moments of worry that we are doing the right thing, and then those moments quickly pass and we move on confident and assured that everything is fine.

All of the plans that I had spent months making were thrown out the window with the mention of five letters - IGCSE - L is working on those at the moment. They are to a similar standard of the old O Levels and slightly higher than GCSEs. They can be an ideal qualification for home educators to pursue because there is no controlled assessment or coursework component to them. Obviously you have to do coursework but your coursework is not subject to monitoring or moderation by an exam centre (school) or exam board.

She will turn up at an exam centre, sit her exams and then I will collect her from the school. We have found an exam centre reasonably local to us who will take her and it will not be cheap, but I think that one exam is cheaper than school uniform, so I will bite the bullet and make my arrangements.

M is doing other things and is reading really well. She is continuing to do her lapbooks and we started studying the human body and animals and their babies. We have lots we can do on that and we will keep plugging along with it.

We have had visiting flat travellers and we have been taking lots of photos of the travellers and our activities. We had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this past week and we made a Jubilee cake, we had a picnic and followed the festivities on the television. This event is another one of those events that mark your life. I remember so many of the Royal Family's life events, such as Prince Charles and Lady Diana getting married, their two sons' birth announcements, Prince Andrew marrying Sarah Ferguson and their two daughters' birth announcements, their separations and divorces, Charles marrying Camilla, William marrying Catherine and now the Diamond Jubilee.

I also remember what I was doing when I heard the news of Diana's, Princess of Wales, death. I think that Diana, John Lennon and a few others are my JFK moments, of course there was JFK Junior's death too.

To this day if you ask someone where they were on that November day in 1963 they can tell you everything they did. When you ask them how they can remember it, they will tell you that it was the day that JFK was shot. Historical events mark generations and the memories that they hold from their personal lives.

What are your historical moments that you can remember? What events have shaped your life's memories? I hope that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations will be something positive that will shape my daughters' memories. We view them as something positive and I know there are those who don't view the celebrations as something positive and they are against the Monarchy but do you have to spoil it for those of us who enjoy a nice party?