Tuesday, 21 February 2012

So much for once a week...

I had intended to blog once a week about our adventures in home education or home schooling but that didn't happen. I've had a few other priorities and blogging went to the bottom of my list.

What have we done? We've done lapbooks (M does lapbooks) and unit studies on the periodic table, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, read two books for book group (a book a month and then prepped for discussion at the group), and now we are moving along into different studies.

M has started an animal theme. We did Animals and Their Needs, next we will do Animals and Their Offspring and from there we will move onto covering Baby Animals and who knows where that will lead? Bears? Moose? Owls? Tigers? Oh my! We will also do some Astronomy, and have already done the Moon and its phases.

L is learning the violin now! So we are juggling two instruments and the practising that goes along with it.

L will be moving on to cover DNA and Forensic Science. It seems that our year is heavily a science year so here's to scientific discovery!