Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Blinked and Missed This Week

This week, we took things rather easily because L wasn't feeling well, and neither was I. M had a touch of something too.

L had a piano lesson this week, and we went to a synagogue for a visit and that was a very interesting time.

The Rabbi was so good and the children were hanging off of his every word. This man had a great connection with them and the other thing that I thought was great was that he was a much older man, like close to retirement age and he got in with them. He treated the questions like a quiz show and if they got the answer wrong, he said 'beep, wrong answer, thanks for playing!' He had the parents in stitches too.

We went into the Ark (not Noah's but the place where the Torah is kept), and he talked about the festivals of the year and kosher food and what it means.

She also went to dance lessons and then came home exhausted and fell asleep very quickly after coming in. She did too much.

We had a birthday party for a Bärli who is M's bear and she told me that he turned two and that he needed a cake with two candles on it. So I obliged and baked a cake.

We went swimming today as well and had a social time with another home ed family who came over for lunch. It was a fun afternoon.

I have decided to take out a gym membership at my local gym because with it I can use the pool whenever I want and try out all sorts of fitness classes. I need to do that. If I take out the membership, the girls and I will swim each week because then I only have to pay for their sessions which to be honest is still cheaper than lessons :-) L has a fitness goal with swimming so I want to encourage that.

For having had some ill(ish) people we did a lot of stuff this week!

Off I dash now, to get ready to dash out tonight , I have band practice.