Saturday, 4 June 2011

Goodness! It's Been a While!

We had Easter eggs and a Royal Wedding and oh it was fun! We had a wonderful day that day and the weather was glorious too, the perfect day for a wedding!

We have been doing our usual stuff, L went to History group, and she worked on a circle journal (hopefully two more swaps and we have hers back!). She finished reading Animal Farm by George Orwell and said she didn't understand how the pigs could talk to the humans and then why they started to walk on their hind legs. She also didn't like what happened when Napoleon took over because suddenly it wasn't fair!

She worked on her other History session that she went to in May. Piano lessons are of course regular (weekly) and she's been practising in between those, in fact she does better at practising than I do!

She has drama every week and her monthly radio show. She's done two episodes and the next one is on Monday (6th June). Getting ready for the radio show involves a lot of different skills, team work, research and then of course being on the radio show involves learning about how a radio station works.

L finished her German book (hooray) and is nearly finished her French book (hooray - it's due for September) and has two more monthly History sessions left (hooray). She has also been going to her weekly dance lessons and fortnightly swimming sessions (arranged by moi).

She also goes to a monthly book group and has read books for that. She read the sixth book of the Skulduggery Pleasant series and that was a whopper of a book!

M has been plugging away at learning to read and we are working through her McGuffey's Eclectic Primer which was written in the 1800's. She is doing really well with that book. She is also starting to sound out other words on other things like books or computer screens and flashcards. We are also reading The Bobbsey Twins, I managed to get 13 books by download for next to no money and I read those to her. She's been working through a Math workbook for children who are a year ahead of her in school and does very well with it. That's not due to me pushing her but down to her understanding Math concepts. The reader is available to read online here. We have the actual book though. In fact, I was so impressed with the book that I bought the whole set (there are 9 books Primer, Pictorial Primer, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and then an Eclectic Speller but that's not a reader). If it's good enough for the old fashioned schools, it's good enough for us!

We have finished our artist and composer studies and it feels good to see that through!

We went away for a few days to visit a friend who lives an hour away and that was great too. We have finished our own home lessons because I follow a 36 week curriculum year but we are still doing all of our other term time activities which will finish up in July. Then we ceremonially took down the timetable :-) She then saw that it really was finished.

A few days ago, we went to Ordsall Hall, and that was fabulous, it is a haunted Tudor mansion (funny thing though I saw WAY more than two doors). I will blog about that on my Flat Traveller blog though.

So, until next time.