Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st Day of March

I can't believe that we are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2011 soon. Spring is going to be upon us and already I see lovely signs of it and hear the birds singing beautifully when I go outside.

Yesterday we made our Flat Travellers and today I sent them to their host families. The host family will take our travellers out and about and take pictures of their adventures and then at the end of the two weeks, send them back to us with some goodies.

We will have their traveller as well and we will do likewise.

We made four to send out to four different families. M made Toto (the dog from The Wizard of Oz), a pink rabbit (she named her Rebecca Rabbit after the character in Peppa Pig) and then L made a TARDIS (Doctor Who) and 'Ginger' a gingerbread girl.

I sent them off today and three of our four travellers will go to the state of Ohio and the fourth one to the state of Michigan.

This is going to be so fun I'm looking forward to when we receive theirs and we can take them around.

We will take them with us to our usual outings and we will take them to some local places of interest such as the Science Museum and of course our Hat Museum.

I have to think of other places we can take them too. We then will take photographs of their Flat Traveller in our area and then send that along with some treats back to them.

This could be a great way to start some pen pal relationships and of course it is a great tool for geography because we will look on the map at where our travellers have been once we get them back. Then we will send them off to new families in April.

Today we did some regular work and we went swimming with some other home educators at a local pool. I am very relaxed now and feel very tired. I do love taking L and M swimming and it is especially nice for L when there are other friends there because I have to attend to M in the pool as she can't swim yet but one day she will. I have to remember to pack her water wings and that will give her some confidence.

Today the weather was gorgeous and it was nice to walk to the pool together and of course the library and post office.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Adventure Playground that meets fortnightly and I have decided to set up swimming on the alternate weeks so that there is another outing if people would like. Swimming with others kills two birds with one stone, it's exercise and it's social time for both children and parents.

I hope that tomorrow the weather is just as gorgeous as today. It was nice and mild. I do remember when in Canada the weather hit 0 degrees I'd suddenly find it hot out because it was up to 0 rather than being at minus 20!

I hope that the Flat Travellers arrive soon so that we can take them out and about with us. We will have four to keep track of but it will be fun and if it is too much then we will reduce it for April to one or two.

Obviously I won't take them in the pool but it would make for interesting conversation.

Until next time take care of yourself and be good to each other.