Thursday, 24 February 2011

Today we....

did some reading and walked to the library in the fresh air. It was certainly an adventure doing that.

My recovery from that gastrointestinal upset from Tuesday night has moved a bit south and well, let's just say I feel like I have either been training too hard at the gym (ab exercises) or like I got into a boxing match and my core took a real beating.

It hurts to laugh, cough and walk.

At least my head doesn't hurt today, I wonder what will hurt tomorrow.

We got some books from the library, L got out her new favourite which is in the Skulduggery Pleasant series and M got out two books one called Tasty Poems and one called Witches.

We are supposed to be going to a museum for a short stint of the day tomorrow, but we'll see if that is possible. Walking to the library was a killer! Oh well, I have to get out some how.

We are also going to participate in a Flat Traveller activity. This means we will make our traveller, send them to someone, and they will take our traveller around their area on a tour, take photos of our Traveller out and about in their area and send us a good package.

We will do the same for theirs. So Tuesday is the day we need to get ready to send them off :-)

I guess I have some work to do over the weekend.

Keep smiling :-)