Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Today was one of those days

Today I spent the day recovering from a bad case of something gastrointestinal but I had to press on. Today was a day where I was thankful for not having to do the school run, or a commute to work. My children still got their education taken care of, and I was able to work.

Today L helped M with her honey bee lapbook. She just did a maze, and some colouring sheets. L also did her own education work which was workbook based.

After I took a break, I also worked with M on her honey bee lapbook. Tomorrow all we have to do is look up a few terms and facts for it and she's finished it.

Tomorrow will be yet another busy day as I have some backlog work to catch up on and then on Friday we are off on a social and educational trip.

Today's entry is very short because my energy levels are down and I still have a mountain of work to plough through that is due first thing tomorrow morning.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring so adios amigos!