Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fun Outing

Yesterday the three of us went on a fun outing. Yes it was 'educational' but I didn't push any of that, we just went and had fun at our local Science Museum. There were all sorts of explanations up about things but we just played with everything.

I find it very difficult to strike a balance between showing the girls something educational and mythering them all the time with educational questions or facts so I said nothing about the science behind things and we just admired the 'cool' activities that were there.

They played games on touchscreens and lots of other things. There were even iPads there too that we could play on and lots of interactive fun along with hands on things.

M really liked the airplanes and that was her favourite thing that she saw yesterday. She did all sorts of hands on stuff but I didn't explain anything to her because frankly that is just too much.

L really likes going there too and I think we will make a trip back there when school is back in. It was too crazy with all the children there who were off for their school break. I had to remind the girls that we can go back at a time that the other children are in school so we should let them have turns.

I think next week we'll do a surprise trip in :-)